Send me my links?

I’m on mobile and I’d like the links if someone can send them to me :)

Are you going to post anything new anytime soon?

No posts of myself, sorry! i’m in a relationship with a man that really means the world to me and i would go to all ends to make sure NOTHING messes it up! hope everyone can respect that :)

how long did it take before banging your bf?

i tried so hard to wait :( lasted like a month haha. BUT that is the longest i have waiting since my first boyfriend. i’ve only had two other real boyfriends so.

Wow its been awhile since you posted. Been busy?

got a boyfriend

Kik with davejy see my pic, if it turns u on like your does me mge me will hve hot fun ;)

I don’t use kik.

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Red Rum

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It’s a tight fit.  It will hurt.  You will beg for it.

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"Most of the pain you’re dealing with are really just thoughts… ever think of that?"

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